The Benefits of Black Energy Empowerment.

Black Energy Empowerment (BEE) is a non-racial, non-political registered entity based in Southern Africa, dedicated to the improvement of energy structures/solutions. BEE evolved as a result of crippling energy/electrical shortages and certain fossil fuel refineries terminating their operations. The objectives of this website are to examine various aspects of the energy chain in both a global and local context.

Why do we want to end fossil fuels?

At Black Energy, our mission is to fight climate change. As an energy company, the best way we can do this is to end the use of fossil fuels by giving people an alternative – green energy.

How can green gas replace fossil fuels?

Across SA we still heat our homes and businesses using fossil fuels – mainly natural gas. About 1% of the gas we supply today is green gas from sustainable sources. The rest is carbon neutralized gas – we invest in carbon reduction programmes to cancel out the carbon burned. 

This isn’t our ideal solution, and at first, we thought the best route was for the country to switch from gas to green electricity for its heating and cooking. However, we now see green gas as the way forward. We believe we can build enough green gas mills – making biomethane from grass cuttings – to replace natural gas in the grid. When the grass grows back, it absorbs the carbon dioxide created by burning green gas. Then we cut the grass and make more green gas, and the sustainable cycle repeats itself.

What is our vision?

We’ve come a long way. Every new customer who joins Black Energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel burned to produce electricity. Our aim now is to remove fossil fuel natural gas from the grid and replace it with green gas. 

By joining Black Energy, you’re helping us make that happen. We’ll invest your bills in building new wind, sun and green gas mills.


  • Hydro-Electric and Geothermal.
  • Hydrogen.
  • Fusion Energy.
  • Wind Energy.
  • Solar.
  • Fossil Fuel.
  • Future Development.
  • Nuclear.
  • Biomass.


With prices rising, there’s never been a better time to use less energy. Here are a few ways how.